Windshield Technologies That Will Amaze You

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professional auto glass repair servicesThe auto industry is one of the key drivers of technology.Automobiles became readily available to the average consumer in the early 20th century. Since then, a number of technologies have been developed to improve the safety, efficiency, comfort and performance of automobiles.

As you might have noted, carburetors have been phased out. Computer systems also used in automobiles to perform a wide range of functions. Also phased out over the years is manual transmission, which is now only available in select cars and heavy trucks.

The focus has now shifted to auto windshields. Auto glass is meant to protect the driver from oncoming winds, the elements, and flying debris while providing maximum driver visibility. However, researchers want to make car windshields more than just auto glass that protect drivers. The following are some new windshield technologies that will amaze you:

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Windshield Projection Technology

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto accidents. This is because taking your eyes off the road for a single second is enough to cause an accident. After all, you might miss a red light, a huge pothole, or a pedestrian crossing the road. There are many reasons why you may need to take your eyes off the road. For instance, you may want to look at the navigation system. You may look at the fuel level or the current speed on the dash. You might also want to check the internet for news about road and weather conditions. All these tasks are essential for safe driving, but they can also distract you from your primary duty of driving.

To resolve this problem, auto manufacturers have come up with a windscreen projection technology. The technology comes with a specialized auto glass. This makes it possible to use the windscreen just like the screen of your smartphone. It provides maximum visibility of the road. With this technology, you can get all the information you need to drive safely. You can do this without having to take your eyes off the road. Some of the items on display include:

  • current speed
  • fuel readings
  • location of filling stations and restaurants
  • safety camera footage
  • navigation information

The technology is still in development, so more features will be added in the coming years.

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Thermally-Flexible Windshields

VW has come up with a silver-embedded, thermally-flexible auto glass. These windshields have a thin, invisible layer of silver within the auto glass. This makes it possible for the windshield to reflect up to 60% of thermal energy from the sun and melt snow and ice from the windscreen during winter, with a little bit of added electrical energy. More manufacturers are expected to either adopt this technology or come up with better solutions.

Gorilla Glass

summer auto tipsThe name might sound familiar if you have been reading smartphone reviews in the recent years. Gorilla Glass is similar to the glass used in smartphone screens, but it has some additional ingredients to improve its strength. The beauty of Gorilla Glass is that it’s only one third the weight of ordinary windshield, so it can improve the fuel efficiency of any vehicle while reducing the carbon footprint of the driver at the same time. In addition to that, Gorilla grass is 50% less likely to get cracks and require a replacement. It is also twice as resistant to impact from sharp stones. The main advantage of this technology, however, is that it can be used with windscreen projection technology.

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Windshield Replacement Nazareth PA

professional windshield repair Although new windshield technology is aimed to keep you safe, it is important to repair a cracked or chipped windshield right away. Being that your auto glass is one of the primary safety features of your car, it is necessary to keep it intact. Therefore, when you notice that you have a cracked or chipped windshield, be sure to seek the services of a professional.

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