The Risks Of Driving With A Cracked Windshield

cracked windshield

cracked windshield replacement services in Effort PAWe often take our windshields for granted until they suddenly get damaged and we are forced to weigh the consequences. Even small airborne particles can hit the glass with significant impact. Some are lucky enough to walk away with minor chipping. This can be fixed quickly through professional repair work.

Others are not as fortunate as their cracked windshield has signs of extensive damage. A windshield repair will not suffice as this kind of situation calls for outright replacement. Liberty AutoGlass replaces windshields in Effort, PA and all surrounding areas. While some people might drag their feet on a windshield replacement because of budget concerns, they are putting themselves at risk, see the items listed below. However, keep in mind that Liberty AutoGlass works with your insurance company, helping to defray the costs of a windshield replacement.

Cracked Windshield Creates Reduced Visual Acuity

The most obvious complication of a cracked windshield is the loss of visual clarity on the front end of the vehicle. This can be a big problem, especially if the offensive spot is situated directly in the line of sight of the driver. There are plenty of instances wherein split-second decisions have to be made on the road. Motorists need to have accurate information on which to base their next move. If they can’t see properly, then they can steer themselves into trouble. The danger can be compounded by darkness when driving at nighttime and haze when the weather turns bad.

Problematic Air Bag Deployment

Air bags are designed to protect the driver and passengers from the impact of a crash. They automatically get deployed once a collision is detected. The bags are ejected from their storage areas and get filled with air to provide a soft cushion. They are meant to lean against the dashboard and the windshield to keep the people safely in their seats. However, an already weak windshield can easily break such that the air bags have nothing to lean on. This protective mechanism might not work as planned. Those who are not wearing their seatbelt are particularly vulnerable.

Compromised Impact Distribution

Front-end collisions can be lethal. Fortunately, vehicles have been engineered to counter the impact forces. The windshield is a vital component of this impact distribution system. When the crash occurs, the glass acts to disperse the forces downward and to the sides. This minimizes the possible harm that could befall those who are inside the car. Cracks weaken the glass and make it harder for it to get the job done. The crash will only exacerbate the situation by worsening the cracks. It might even break completely, in which case the passengers will be vulnerable from debris.

Diminished Structural Stability

Contrary to popular belief, the windshield is not a simple passive object glued onto the front of their car. It is actually load-bearing, making it an important part of the entire structure. If it breaks down, then the structural stability of the vehicle is diminished. This is especially true when it comes to the roof. In cases where the vehicle rolls over or a heavy object falls from above, the roof will not have its full strength to counter the pressure. It can cave in to the detriment of the passengers.

It is not worth driving around with a cracked windshield and compromising the safety of your passengers and yourself. Furthermore, a cracked windshield that might be able to be repaired initially for a lot cheaper will start to run with the impact of air and fluctuating temperatures. It is best to fix it immediately before the crack starts to run.

Auto Glass Replacement Services

Liberty AutoGlass will be able to repair your cracked windshield quickly while using the highest quality materials. This will keep you and your passengers safe. Be sure to check out our windshield repair services and other auto glass services such as back glass, door glass, vent glass, and quarter glass. We offer mobile services where we come to you and so your day will  not be interrupted by having to come to the shop and wait while getting your auto glass repaired or replaced. 

Contact us today or give us a call at (610) 377-7787 or (877) 90-GLASS if you have any questions. Click here to view our complete mobile auto glass service area in Pennsylvania.

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