Not All Windshield Chips Are Created Or Repaired Equally

image of windshield repair Albrightsville PAWindshield damage varies widely ranging from small chips that require minimal or no repair to big cracks that require extensive repairs. In most cases, windshield damage is caused by road debris including flying debris. The most common types of windshield repair Albrightsville PA and windshield damage include:


In simple words, a crack is a single line that clearly separates part or an entire windscreen. In addition, a crack can occur on the outer or inner side of a vehicle windshield. Sometimes chips become cracks when there is extreme temperature changes


This type of damage occurs at the exact point where an object hits the windscreen of a vehicle. In this case, the impact point will have cracks spreading in several directions and a small depression with missing glass.


Legs-style windshield damage consists of many fine cracks spreading outwards from the impact point. These cracks also include a few cracks that spread far longer than the short, fine cracks.

Star break

This type of damage looks more or less like a star with several long cracks and short legs. Both of these cracks spread outwards from the point of impact.

Combination break

A combination break consists of two types of windshield damage. For instance, a pit and a star break.


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Windshield Repair Considerations

Before proceeding further, it is worth noting that a windshield consists of a thin barrier sandwiched between two layers of laminated glass. In the event the glass shatters due to impact, the thin windshield barrier holds together the resulting glass fragments. This ensures the fragments do not injure the occupant of a vehicle or other road users. With that in mind, windshield repair simply involves injecting a curable resin into the outer layer of a damaged windshield to restore its original look. Nevertheless, the viability of windshield repair depends on factors such as the type of windshield damage, size, depth and location of the damage.

Extensive damage near the edges of a windshield may be unrepairable because structural stresses tend to be higher at these locations than anywhere else. Moreover, the repair certified technician may be unable to access the damaged site, meaning you may have to replace your windshield.

Overall, minor windshield damage is repairable provided the impact point is accessible. The only exception is damage located in the driver’s line of sight because repairs around this area may not restore windshield glass to its original state and even worse, they could cause distracted driving and, in general, compromise your safety. It is also worth noting that most US states have enacted regulations that govern windshield repairs located at or near the driver’s line of sight. Overall, you should get a qualified technician to inspect any windshield damage and recommend the right repair option. The quality of any windshield repair job depends on factors such as the skill and knowledge of a windshield repair technician, as well as the equipment used.

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Some of the common types of windshield damage include bull’s eye, half-moon, floater crack, long crack, chip, star break, legs, pit, edge crack, and combination break. Fortunately, a qualified technician would be able to repair minor windshield damage.

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