What You Need To Know About Windshield Calibration

adas and windshield calibrationThe modern world is a technological place with advancements in industries small and large. The car industry is no exception. There are numerous technological innovations that improve the driving experience and enhance vehicle performance. They primarily focus on driver and passenger safety.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been around for a while and cover a large range of automated systems.

However, ADAS systems are getting more and more complex.

With that complexity comes more specific maintenance, repair and replacement procedures and costs. Windshield calibration is an example of this. What used to be just glass is no longer the case in newer vehicles utilizing ADAS features. In this article, we will discuss what ADAS is and the importance of windshield calibration.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS is both simple and complex and refers to any type of automated assistance given to drivers. Simple examples of ADAS include adaptive headlights and windshield wipers that sense rain and self-activate. These systems have evolved to include more advanced concepts. ADAS incorporates night-vision technology and sensory equipment that reacts to vehicles in blind spots. Newer models are moving the ADAS away from the realm of driver assistance into areas of autonomy. These new features can actually fill in human sensory gaps. Examples of these features include cars that have adaptive cruise control, lane departure sensors, automated parking, collision avoidance systems, radar, and LiDar. All these features minimize demands made on the driver as newer vehicles move more towards self-regulation.

Time To Replace That Windshield

Windshield Installation Safety Problems In Jim Thorpe PAEven for people who don’t currently have a vehicle with advanced ADAS features…

the chances are good that they will in the future. ADAS vehicles are becoming more and more common. Despite all the technological advancements, things still break. Maintenance is still a requirement.

Windshields take the brunt of wear when it comes to driving. It is not uncommon for objects like rocks to leave their mark. When it’s time for a windshield replacement, vehicles with more complex ADAS features will likely need a windshield recalibration. The procedure varies in expense and complexity from vehicle to vehicle. On the simple side, it can mainly involve resetting the vehicle’s computer system. On the complex side, it can involve setting up lasers, taking precise measurements, and making equally precise manual adjustments. The complex ADAS calibrations after a windshield replacement use highly specialized tools and a fair amount of practical knowledge and training to do so.

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Windshield Calibration

Car windshields are no longer just glass in newer vehicles.

While you can’t see them, there are built-in sensors that the manufacturers precisely position in your windhshield. There are also areas of tint and no tint, noise-reduction layers, and heaters in the windshield. The vehicle’s ADAS links some of the windshield’s internals and sensors. Even when one of those sensors changes position by as little as a millimeter or a degree, that small amount compromises the entire system.


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Vehicles with the most advanced systems use front-facing cameras. These systems feature advancements such as lane departure warnings. The windshields in these cars have areas with a lens that relays vital information to the ADAS. The camera placement area is extremely precise. So, again, windshield calibration after a replacement requires extreme accuracy to ensure that everything is perfectly in line. While these adjustments are costly, they can also make a huge difference when it comes to a vehicle’s safety features.

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