DIY Windshield Repair Kits Vs. Professional Auto Glass Repair

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image of windshield DIY kits Allentown PAMany vehicle owners question, “If I can buy a DIY kit to repair a stone chip on my windshield, why should I call a professional to do the repair?”. This question seems reasonable. Everyone is looking for a way to save a few bucks. For those who are handy and like to work with their hands, this appears to be a perfect opportunity to do just that. Sometimes a little knowledge can help lead you to a better conclusion. In this article, we will outline why DIY repair kits pose a risk to your safety. We will also cover why it is less expensive to hire a professional auto glass repair shop to address any windshield chips or cracks that you have.


A DIY repair kit costs around $15.00 + tax. At Liberty AutoGlass, we charge $69.95 + tax to do a professional repair in our shop. It only costs $10.00 more for mobile auto glass repair services. It is worth noting that many insurance companies will cover the cost of a chip repair under your comprehensive coverage. This means that the repair is free! In addition, numerous insurance agents have informed us this will not raise your rates. Our customer service representatives are more than happy to help you file a claim with your insurance. This will help take the stress and hassle off of you when dealing with the insurance company.


Typically, a person who is interested in a DIY windshield repair kit does not have comprehensive insurance coverage. They would have to pay for the cost of the repair themselves. Because of this, they are contemplating a DIY option to save a few hard earned dollars. However, there are many downfalls of using a repair kit.

The only real up side to DIY repair kit is the upfront cost. It is obvious that you will pay around $50.00 to $60.00 more for a professional windshield repair job. Using a kit is very time consuming. Most who have used a kit like this end up frustrated and overwhelmed. A kit seems a lot easier to use than it actually is. When a car owner uses a kit, they usually end up having a bigger and more costly problem on their hands.

In order for a repair kit to work, the damage on your glass has to have a sufficient entry point for the repair resin to enter. If not, the repair resin will not fill it in. This is because glass is capable of breaking below the surface. Since the surface without an entry point will not let the resin in, a professional has use the necessary tools to create an adequate surface for an auto glass repair. Professionals have special drills and bits that they use to do this. An untrained DIY-er will not know whether or not the surface is properly prepped for a repair and nor should they try to prep the surface themselves.

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Factors To Consider

Chips and cracks can be repaired only when the area is completely dry. They need to be free from any moisture. When there is moisture, the repair will not work. Additionally, when you attempt to fix a crack or chip on your own and the resin only fills the opening, you will end up needing a windshield replacement. This is especially true when it is exposed to sunlight. When this type of situation happens, it doesn’t permit the necessary access to the crack or chip. Basically, you only get one chance to repair your windshield correctly. If you make any mistakes, this means that you will be paying considerably more than what a professional windshield repair would have cost to begin with.

Another factor to consider is the fact that your windshield is one of your car’s main safety features. Therefore, it is not worth taking the chance on a DIY repair kit. If you do it incorrectly, it will compromise your safety. A poor repair job can lead to additional cracks, chips, and a very unsafe windshield.


Not all auto glass repair shops are created equally. When you repair your windshield at Liberty AutoGlass, we guarantee the work that we do. This means that if you are unhappy with our work, we will reimburse you or your insurance company in full. When you do have a chip, be sure to address it immediately. Cracks and chips only lead to bigger cracks and chips which means that there is less of a possibility for a repair. It also compromises your windshield since it is one of the main safety features in your car. Your windshield prevents you from being ejected or crushed in an accident.

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professional windshield repairEveryone wants to save money. The main justification that vehicles owners have when using a DIY windshield repair kit, is for the sake of saving money. However, nothing is worth the money when it comes to your safety. Furthermore, it could end up costing you more as well.
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