Top Ways To Tell If Your Windshield Was Installed Incorrectly

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what to look for in windshield replacementAccording to the National Glass Association (NGA), an improperly installed windshield is dangerous because it increases the risk of injuries and even fatality in the event of a road accident. In some car models, windshields play a significant role in the proper deployment of airbags. As such, vehicle owners should ensure that their windshields are installed properly. Here are the top ways to tell if your replacement windshield was installed incorrectly:


An investigative piece aired by ABC News 20/20 in 2010 found that millions of drivers in the US could be driving cars with improperly fitted windshields. This is especially true for windshields replaced by mechanics or auto technicians without gloves. In this case, handling the edges of a replacement windshield with bare hands compromises the integrity of both the adhesive used and the bonding surface. Mechanics and windshield technicians are likely to have oil and other types of dirt on their hands/fingers, so they should always wear gloves when replacing windshields.


Primer Application

Before installing a new windshield, a technician should apply a coat of primer and a urethane-based glue to the edge of your car’s windshield. Doing so would make a replacement windshield stick better to the underlying car surface. Moreover, the primer inhibits rusting of metallic parts around the windshield area. Failing to apply a primer coat makes the replacement windshield prone to ejection in the event of a collision.

Cure Time

Allow the glue/adhesive used to secure the windshield in place ample time to cure before you drive your car. The cure time generally ranges anywhere from three to ten hours depending on the car model, type of glue/adhesive used, and vehicle/windshield manufacturer recommendations. If you drove off immediately after having your windshield replaced, then the correct replacement procedure was likely not followed. At the same time, be wary of auto technicians or mechanics who tout instant cure adhesives because they are unlikely to work as marketed.

Old Adhesive

image of windshield glass repair Nazereth PAIt is advisable to remove any adhesive before applying a new one to ensure the bond between your car’s windshield and the pinch weld is strong. Of course, the removal of the old adhesive should take place before the application of a new primer coat or glue.


If a replacement windshield looks wavy or crooked in some way, it is likely to have been installed incorrectly. Such a windshield could cause visibility problems. Therefore, it is likely to compromise your safety and the safety of other road users. This is especially when driving in bad weather or at night.

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Your car’s windshield is an important part that should be installed correctly. Improper installation is likely to occur when windshield technicians:

  • Handle the replacement windshield without wearing gloves
  • Fail to clean the old adhesive off before applying the new one
  • Fail to apply a primer coat
  • Fail to observe proper cure times
  • Fail to observe proportionality

To avoid the problems associated with improperly windshields, you should have your car’s windshield replaced by a manufacturer-trained auto glass technician (Sika) or one certified by the NGA.

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When you realize how common these windshield replacement mistakes are made and how many people are driving around with a windshield that simply won’t save their life in an accident, it is outstanding. By knowing what to look for, you will be able to avoid auto glass repair shops that cut corners to save a buck. What’s better is when you find an auto glass repair shop that you can trust.

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