Case Study: Windshield Glass Replacement Lehighton PA

Windscreen Glass Replacement Lehighton Pennsylvania

Windscreen Glass Replacement Lehighton PennsylvaniaIt is not uncommon for deer to be seen more often during the late fall and early winter. They are most active after sunset until about midnight. You can also spot deer around the time of sunrise. For this reason, it is important to be careful when traveling during these times. Unfortunately, a deer can seem to appear out of nowhere as was the case for our customer.

Our customer called us early one morning after they struck a deer with their 2009 Ford Focus. Their windshield was completely smashed and required a windshield glass replacement at our Lehighton PA shop.

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Problem: Our customer needed a windshield replacement after hitting a deer.
Solution: We replaced our customer’s windshield so that they could safely drive their vehicle once again.

Driving Safety Tips Around Deer

Windscreen Glass Replacement Lehighton PennsylvaniaPay Attention

It is common knowledge among drivers that deer freeze when they see headlights. The truth is, they do, in fact, freeze. However, they freeze because they are blinded by your headlights and do not see an escape route. You can usually see deer in fields and pastures near forestland. They can camouflage themselves well. Make sure you pay attention when driving in these types of areas at night.

If You See One, More Are Close

Another important factor to remember about deer is that they travel in groups. If you see one, it is more than likely that there are more nearby. With this in mind, when you are driving and you see one deer, then wait to see if there are more.

High Beams

In order to play it safe, drive with your high beams on. Of course, if there is someone driving in front of you, you will have to drive with your low beams on. However, if it is possible to drive with your high beams, then do so. Your high beams will give you a clearer view so that you can see deer from a farther distance. If you do happen to see deer, then switch to low beams or your sidelights. Your sidelights enable the deer to see you coming and it gives the deer the opportunity to respond. Basically, it can see it’s escape route and take action accordingly. If you keep your high beams on, then it cannot see and it will not find a way to escape. It will run in front of you on the road or it will freeze in place.


When you see a deer, make sure that you use your horn. This can possibly frighten the deer out of the way. Take your hand off of the horn if you are going to hit it. You don’t want your hand to be in the way of the impact that occurs when your airbag is deployed. It could break your wrist or forearm.

Slow Down & Warn Others

When you see a deer, slow down. Make sure that you do this while taking any traffic behind you into consideration. If they try to pass you because you have slowed down, they will be unaware of the deer ahead. For this reason, make sure that you turn on your hazard lights. This will warn them.

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Dangers Of Being Hit By A Deer

deer hit windshieldWhen it comes down to it, you may see a deer at the last minute. This gives you a split second to make a decision. By knowing what to do ahead of time, you can possibly save your life and the life of others on the road. When a deer pops out in front of you, it is almost always best to hit the deer than to hit an immobile object like a tree. Also, it is better to hit the deer than to swerve into oncoming traffic.

What Your Windshield Does For You

Usually, when you hit a deer, it strikes your windshield. Fortunately, this piece of glass is strong and serves to protect you in a head-on collision like this. It acts as a barrier so that you don’t fly out of the car. Also, a windshield ensures that your airbags deploy properly. When your car hits something, the airbags bounce off the windshield to ensure its proper placement. Its placement is important when it needs to protect you.

We tend to think that glass is extremely breakable and fragile. However, your windshield is built to be tough. This is because it is laminated glass. It is made up of two thick pieces of glass with a piece of vinyl in between. When something strikes your windshield, such as a deer, then the glass will stick to the plastic.

The strength of the windshield is vital during collisions. When our customer hit a deer, their windshield saved their life. Very little damage was done to the body of their car. Fortunately, the windshield performed its duty of protecting them. It acted as a barrier against the deer The impact of hitting the deer shattered their windshield. Fortunately, they stayed on top of caring for their auto glass before this event took place. Sometimes drivers dismiss cracks and chips that they have on their windshield. However, when this happens, their windshield is not as strong as it should be. It cannot perform its duty of keeping you safe in an accident since its strength has been compromised. Therefore, it is better to repair a crack or chip when you notice that you have one.


Windshield Glass Replacement Lehighton PA

car after windshield replacementFor a highly skilled, professional auto glass shop that provides its customers with affordable windshield replacements and repair services, contact Liberty AutoGlass. Our certified auto glass experts have the experience and knowledge to conduct a repair service or replacement with your safety as our top priority. Also, if you need to file an insurance claim, we can handle all of your paperwork. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of filing an insurance claim. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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