Avoid Auto Glass Replacement By Keeping It Clean

how to properly clean your auto glass

image of windshield replacement easton paPoor visibility caused by dirty, cracked or chipped windscreens is one of the main contributors of auto accidents on public roads around the world. This is because these defects can obstruct the driver’s view of the road and put them at risk of hitting a pothole, missing a road sign or failing to see the brake lights or indicator on the vehicle in front.

That said, driving with a dirty windscreen can be dangerous. In addition to that, a stained windscreen will make your vehicle look unattractive and lower its value. While you can always try to wash the glass, prolonged exposure of auto glass to bird droppings and other types of debris will cause staining. When bird droppings dry on the windscreen, they solidify and become hard to remove. When you turn on the windshield wiper, the hard solid mass may come off and scratch the glass as the wiper moves back and forth. The same can be said about sand granules that are blown onto your windscreen when you drive on rough roads or park the vehicle at the beach. These scratches can lower visibility and force you to replace the windshield. The best way to avoid replacing auto glass due to these reasons is to clean your auto glass on a regular basis. This is a simple process that anyone can perform without any assistance.

How To Clean Your Windshield

There are three important things you will need to properly clean your windshield. The first is water for obvious reasons. The second is a windshield cleaner. This is an important requirement, so you may want to take your time to identify the most suitable cleaner for your auto glass. Ideally, you should pick a gentle cleaner that does not contain ammonia or alcohol, among other abrasive chemicals. Ammonia-based cleaners are known to weaken rubber, plastic and vinyl as they can lead to drying and breakdown of these parts. This type of cleaner can also damage any tint you may have on your vehicle. The last requirement is a towel to wipe the windscreen with. Ideally, you should have two microfiber towels with at least 300GSM. This type of towel is soft and can hold up to six times its weight in water. One towel should be for removing dirt and the other for buffing.

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Start by pulling out the wipers to ensure you have unobstructed access to the entire windshield. Next, check for any bird droppings that may have dried on the windscreen and remove them by hand. Soak the microfiber towel in club soda and try to wipe out the droppings from the windshield. Rinse the towel, apply the windshield cleaner and start cleaning the windscreen. Use up-down then left-right motions to clean the windscreen. Before rinsing and drying the glass, be sure to also clean the rubber on the wipers as they may contain grains of sand that can scratch your glass.


Windshield Replacement Easton PA

Wipers should be cleaned several times a week and replaced at least twice a year. Please note that if your windshield is already chipped or cracked, you should either have it repaired or replaced by an auto glass professional to ensure you can drive safely on public roads.

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