Differences Between OEM & Aftermarket Auto Glass For Your Windshield Repair

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OEM Vs. OEE Auto Glass

There are two options are available for car owners who need to replace their windshield.

They can buy an aftermarket auto glass (or OEE) or OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Both options provide excellent alternatives for replacing your windshield. However, the decision often rests with the insurance providers’ specifications and your preferences. To make an informed decision, you need to understand the difference between the two types of windshields as discussed in the subsequent section.

OEM Auto Glass

Most car manufacturers subcontract auto glass companies…

to make windshields for their vehicles. The contract involves making the windshields and auto glass according to the manufacturer’s specifications. They ship these parts to the car manufacturer’s factory where they install them in the new cars. Since this part of car production is subcontracted, auto manufacturers are bound to receive bids from lots of different glass makers.

As a result, by the time you reach your car manufacturer for a windshield replacement, he may have changed the glass company several times, and you may need to receive an OEM windshield made by another company.

However, OEM windshield designs resemble their factory-made alternatives. The only difference is that another auto glass company may have made the replacement instead of the same company that made the original windshield on your car.

However, they produce them according to the manufacturer’s specifications to match the color, size, shape, thickness, and durability. Additionally, they are certified by the Department of Transportation to ensure your safety.

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Aftermarket Windshields

adhesives used in a windshield replacementAuto glass companies that manufacture this kind of auto glass are not always subcontracted by auto manufacturers. As a result, they don’t always abide by the manufacturer’s specifications when producing the windshields.

Unlike OEM windshields, aftermarket glass may come with…

a different color or tint. The thickness and sturdiness may also vary while the shape and size are similar to factory made ones. However, some windshields may not have a perfect fit, causing leaks while others may produce noise while driving.

Such outcomes come about since some auto shops tend to use substandard sealants and adhesives. They don’t allow adequate time for the bonding agents to cure. Some car owners also notice the presence of curved quality glass, which can be disappointing for those driving posh automobiles.

As a result, aftermarket windshields may compromise on safety in ways such as the use of thinner glass than OEM auto glass. Also, the glass may not be AGRSS certified and may have an improper fit that does not curve when attached. In some instances, the auto glass has not gone through safety tests.

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When To Use Aftermarket Auto Glass

new windscreenA while ago, insurance companies required car owners to settle for aftermarket collision repair components when it came to safety-related parts. However, since the windshield supports the integrity of the car, it is important to seek the advice of a professional about whether to use an OEM or aftermarket windshield.

Cars That Require OEM Auto Glass

Honda: There has been great debate about the use of OEM or aftermarket glass on the vehicle. However, the influx of ADAS allows automakers to demand the replacement of windshields with sensors with OEM glass.

Mercedes-Benz: The manufacturer also demands the use of OEM glass to replace windshields. Other car makes include the Subaru and Nissan. Subaru automakers demand that the OEM glass should come with Eyesight ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

Windshield Replacement Tamaqua PA

This information should help you decide whether you want to replace the windshield with OEM or aftermarket glass. It is best to consult with an auto glass expert to see what your options are. They will assess the situation and know what works best for your car. They will take your car’s make and model and other factors into consideration to ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

When looking for “windshield replacement near me”, you will find the highest quality windshield replacements and the most affordable windshield replacement cost at Liberty AutoGlass. Our certified auto glass experts will advise you on which type of auto glass works best for your car while ensuring your safety. We offer mobile windshield replacement and in-shop auto glass services. Be sure to call our office today to schedule an appointment.


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