A Brief History Of Auto Safety Glass

windshield glass repair in effort pennsylvaniaWhen horseless carriages first came on the scene in the late 1800s, none had a windshield to protect the occupants. In fact, the first autos were largely open vehicles. Sometimes, these autos had canopies to partially shield occupants from the elements.

It didn’t take long, however, for drivers and passengers to realize that they needed protection from the wind…

while traveling down roads at speeds higher than the normal pace of horses. This, of course, in turn led to such developments such as windshield glass repair. Effort PA and surrounding areas can take advantage of such available services when contacting Liberty AutoGlass. In this article, we will cover some of the highlights that helped develop the windshield as a primary safety feature that you can see in today’s modern day vehicles.

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The First Windshields

The auto industry first introduced windshields in 1904. However, they weren’t offered as standard equipment in vehicles until more than a decade later. The first windshields were small glass windows. They could be folded down horizontally. They offered little protection from rocks and other flying objects. In fact, when accidents occurred, the glass would shatter and many drivers and occupants were injured. Oldsmobile was the first manufacturer to offer a windshield as a standard piece of equipment in 1915. However, changes to the glass used for windshields, and eventually side windows, developed slowly.

The Development Of Laminated Glass

That’s not to say that safe auto glass technology was not available. Frenchman Edouard Benedictus and Briton John C. Wood accidentally developed laminated glass. This was around the same time that manufacturers were installing the first windshields. In 1909, they were granted the first patent. However, laminated glass was not used commercially until World War I. It was used for the goggles of glass masks.

Laminated Glass As Auto Glass

Laminated glass eventually found its way into auto glass.

So did the process that bonded the glass to the windshield frame. However, it, the safety glass, was not without problems. The first laminated glass put in cars had a layer that would darken and become brittle over time. In the late 1930s, manufacturers began using Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) to make auto glass clearer and stronger as well as to help block sound and harmful ultraviolet rays.

By 1937, safety glass became mandated for all cars. Changes occurred slowly throughout the years with innovations like the curved windshield from Studebaker in the 1940s. Manufacturers began using tempered glass for side and rear windows in the 1950s. More styling innovations occurred during this period than safety innovations.

Safety Auto Glass

Not until the advent of the 1960s with consumer advocate Ralph Nader did safety auto glass become a big issue. In response to Nader’s concerns, the U.S. government formed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 1970 to oversee safety recommendations in American vehicles.

Advancements have moved more quickly since 1980. The NHTSA notified manufacturers that vehicles must use laminated auto glass. Over the last 20 years, the importance of using appropriate safety glass in vehicles to minimize injury during an accident, has become a priority.

auto safety glassSince the 1970s, research shows that the use of safety glass significantly reduces the risk of ejection from a vehicle when an accident occurs. The jury is out on whether auto glass is currently safe. Manufacturers must ensure that the glass that they use is of the highest standards. However, not only is the auto glass that the manufacturers use important but the auto glass that replaces damaged auto glass is equally as important too. This also includes any windshield repairs as well. So, when looking for windshield replacement near me or windshield crack repair, be sure to be selective about who works on your auto glass. Do not focus on windshield repair cost alone. Your auto glass repair shop needs to be highly qualified and skilled to take on a job that involves your safety.

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