Autonomous Cars And Safety

image of autonomous car that needs auto glass repair services Allentown PAWith the world quickly shifting to autopilot, autonomous cars have been the hot topic of discussion for manufacturers. They’re eager to get more surroundings sensible, self-driving vehicles on the road. While some consumers have mixed feelings about it, many are just as excited to become owners of shiny, new toys. The drawback from the rest of them is the same topic swirling with regulators and more conservative industry leaders, they want to make sure autonomous cars are safe.

Just like when smartphones were the new technologies, it takes time to evolve and fine tune key features. Those looking out for consumers just want to make sure the auto industry is taking the matter seriously enough. Especially with the inconsistent rules across multiple states.

The Role Of Government Officials In Autonomous Car Manufacturing

Recently, the state of California announced their decision to be more flexible with regulation of autonomous car manufacturers. They lifted several requirements, including no longer forcing manufacturers to have third-party certification. Many other states were already lax with the rules, and some like Arizona have no separate regulations for autonomous cars.

Differences in national rules and regulations could mean differences in the quality and safety features of the autonomous cars. There’s also some confusion between the expectations of self-driving cars and their actual capabilities. When consumers in the app operated, talk-to-text, self-checkout generation spend money on a computer operated vehicle, they expect it to do all the work. However, automakers are stating consumers may need to take the wheel during emergencies or for other safety reasons.

What Autonomous Cars Mean For Windshield Safety

Another concern is what the rise in manufacture of autonomous cars means for other industries linked to the industry. There are concerns that insurance companies, collision companies, and repair shops will take a hit. The cars are designed with intelligence features to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and objects. This means, ideally, the reduction of crashes and fatalities.

When the highway is full of these self-driving cars, designed to drive at the exact same speed and adhere to road laws, emotional driving and actions like tailgating will disappear. With that, drivers should see a reduction in chipped windshields. That doesn’t mean the cars are without fault or that it’s the end of windshield repair.

Let’s not forget about the dreaded trap behind a truck full of gravel spewing rocks in every direction. Even in less dramatic circumstances, an occasional small pebble popping up may be too small to detect or too quick to avoid. Other environmental conditions like cold weather, hail, and extreme heat can also cause damage to windshields. We should also hope to avoid manufacturer errors that required previous recalls.

At any rate, we hope to reduce human error by delegating some responsibility to machines. However, the machines are still in developing phase. They are also made by humans who make mistakes. While injuries may be reduced, mishaps and weather conditions won’t be. Consumers can still look to have a need for windshield repair in the future.

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Auto Glass Repair Allentown PA

Although autonomous cars may reduce car accidents and increase an individual’s free time, common circumstances that cause damaged windshields will still occur. Debris can fly up off the street, such as a rock, and cause the windshield to chip or crack. This can even occur in autonomous vehicles. Be sure to contact a professional auto glass repair company when you have damaged auto glass.

Liberty AutoGlassoffers windshield repair and replacement, including a chip or crack on your windshield. We guarantee our work so we stand by the quality of service that we deliver. For an additional fee of $10.00, you can take advantage of our mobile auto glass repair services. This allows you to go about your day as you normally would. Whether you are at home, in the office, or at the mall, we will come to you. You can trust our factory trained technicians to get the job done fast, accurately, and affordably.

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