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Windshield Technologies That Will Amaze You

As you might have noted, carburetors have been phased out. Computer systems also used in automobiles to perform a wide range of functions. Also phased out over the years is manual transmission, which is now only available in select cars and heavy trucks. The focus has now shifted to auto windshields. While this auto glass is meant to protect the driver from oncoming winds, the elements and flying debris while providing maximum visibility, researchers want to make car windshields more than just auto glass that protect drivers from the elements and flying debris. Click through to read some new windshield technologies that will amaze you.

Top Mistakes That Are Made With Broken Auto Glass

No driver ever wants to see a crack in their vehicle’s auto glass. Fixing it can become an expensive hassle. When you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it does not need to completely empty your wallet. The two common mistakes below frequently make your vehicle’s auto glass damage worse. This results in an avoidable higher repair bill. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will ultimately save money while maintaining the safely of your passengers. Click through to find out more.

What Will The Future Of Cars Be Like?

The cars of the future will be unlike any on the road today because advances in technologies such as machine/computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) will have enabled manufacturers to introduce vehicles that will feature autonomous driving, biometrics, and much more. To this end, Tesla’s semi-autonomous cars give a glimpse, albeit limited, of future cars. Click through to learn how future vehicles will be like.

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Top Tips When Getting Your Car Ready For Spring

The cold winter weather can cause considerable damage to your car. For instance, extremely cold weather could cause the fluids in your car to because extremely viscous and therefore unable to perform their functions properly. Moreover, blizzard could damage your car’s windshield. Because of this, you should prepare your car for spring and summer once the winter season ends. Click through to read some tips that will get you started.

Autonomous Cars And Safety

With the world quickly shifting to autopilot, autonomous cars have been the hot topic of discussion for manufacturers. They’re eager to get more surroundings sensible, self-driving vehicles on the road. While some consumers have mixed feelings about it, many are just as excited to become owners of shiny, new toys. The drawback from the rest of them is the same topic swirling with regulators and more conservative industry leaders, they want to make sure autonomous cars are safe. Click through to read more on this subject.