Why Do Car Windows Shatter When They Break?

Car windows can shatter for no apparent reason or due to thermal contraction/expansion stresses, manufacturing defects, or damage caused by “object hits.” However, spontaneous shattering of a car window can be unnerving, especially if it happens while you are driving. In fact, a shattering vehicle window can make a “pop” sound similar to a gunshot in some cases. This article covers what you need to know about this topic. Click through to find out more.

Top Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Winter Season

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 22% of all vehicle crashes that occur annually in the US are weather related with majority occurring during the winter season when drivers face difficulties driving on wet and ice-covered roads. As such, you should prepare your car before the winter season begins. Liberty AutoGlass discusses the top tips you can do to prepare your car for the upcoming winter season.

protecting your windshield from the rain

How To Protect Your Windshield From Rain

Although rain is calmer than other forms of precipitation, huge storms can be just as threatening as hail or heavy snow. If you’ve recently driven during a rainstorm, it’s very likely that your windshield could have taken a beating. This is because most drivers tend turn the windshield wiper speed to the maximum. The result is immense friction which leaves scratches and cracks on the windshield. It therefore becomes important to protect auto glass before the rainy season. While rain isn’t usually of great concern, there are a few precautions you could take to protect your windshield against rain. Liberty AutoGlass, a windshield repair services company, discusses some key pointers to keep in mind. Click through to find out more.

truths about auto glass repair

Top Misconceptions About Auto Glass

People who drive in or around busy metropolitan areas have to deal with a number of motoring challenges. If you drive regularly on urban freeways, you may have had to address a damaged windshield as a result of flying particles. While several remedies exist for cracks and chips, there’s also a lot of bad advice flying around. Not only is some of this bad auto glass repair advice unhelpful, but also carries potential risks. Liberty AutoGlass, a professional auto glass services company, discusses some misconceptions that you should be aware of. Click through to read more on this topic.

what is deceptive pricing

Price Steering And Unscrupulous Practices In The Auto Glass Industry

Consumers have, more than likely, heard some common business terms that refer to unscrupulous practices within a
certain industry. These terms are used to designate practices where a business takes advantage of the consumer by convincing the consumer to purchase their product for a set price and then adding hidden fees. Furthermore, they did this by presenting a once in a lifetime offer that the consumer just couldn’t resist because the price was supposedly within their budget.

When the consumer received the bill, they did not pay what the company had told them that they were going to pay. The hidden fees make the total price astronomical. Essentially, a business that uses these types of techniques misleads the consumer on price, quality, and value of a service or product. In this article, we will discuss some of these practices and what you can do to beware of them.